Power of Goals Setting and writing

If you study in deep, you will find a successful person have crystal clear goals. A person with less capacity has crystal clear goals do anything in life. 

In 1979 interviewers asked HARVARD MBA PROGRAM students about how many of them set goals.

Results: 84 % had never set goals, 13% had goals but they were not written on paper and had no plans to do the goals 

A study shows: Only 3% of people had goals, written on the paper and had plans on how they will do those goals.

After 10 years in 1989, they interviewed the same people again and results were mind-blowing.

13% of people were earning two times the money 84% people were earning

And 3% of people were earning more money than 97% people put together.

It is very important to have goals but it is more important to write on paper.

Written goals give us clarity of mind to take proper actions. If you can take proper actions over a time, you can easily change your results.

In other words: No goals No clarity.

People with goals clearly Know

  • Which skill to learn
  • Whom to meet and make friends with
  • How much ability is required to accomplish the goals.
  • How much money to earn for a better lifestyle
  • How much sales to do

A goal is a very powerfull tool. when you start to use this tools your life will change in every direction.